Decent Housing

MWAC - Decent Housing 2 (flipped)Many migrant workers are living in housing provided by their employers because they are required to by the TFWP (i.e., live-in caregivers, seasonal agricultural workers) or by conditions of work (e.g., other agriculture or hospitality migrant workers).

But migrant worker housing is excluded from the Ontario Residential Tenancies Act that regulates housing conditions.

Worker housing is often dirty, too cold or too hot, and overcrowded, with dozens of workers forced to live together in cramped quarters.

Immigrants without full status are banned from social housing even though they live and work in Ontario.

Going home after work should be a relief but many migrant workers have no relief from the stress of work since they live at or near their workplace.  They deserve decent housing and this requires regulation, inspection, enforcement, and viable alternatives.

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