Healthy Jobs

MWAC - Health and SafetyMany workers are denied provincial healthcare coverage for the first three months they are here. Broken policies mean that some workers don’t get healthcare for many more months if at all.

Many migrants are fired from work when they get sick or injured, forcing them to return home to live in poverty, and sometimes to die.

Live-in Caregivers are excluded from the Ontario Occupational Health & Safety Act while farm workers are not protected by industry-specific health and safety regulations.

Injured and ill migrants are seeing their workers compensation taken away when they return home.  Workers are told to get a suitable job in Ontario and their compensation is cut when it is assumed they cannot comply –  the WSIB calls this paradoxical and harmful practice “deeming”.

Everyone must be included in the “universal healthcare” system; farm workers need strong health and safety protection at work including compulsory Coroner’s Inquests in the case of deaths; caregivers must be included in occupational health and safety laws; the WSIB must give injured migrant workers the choice and means to stay in Ontario for health care and they must end “deeming” of workers who are abroad.


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