A Strong Voice

MWAC - A Strong VoiceNew laws and policies are often passed with no new money attached to enforcement, allowing employers and recruiters to continue exploiting workers.

Many migrant workers are afraid to complain about their bad bosses while on the job.  Ontario laws limit the time workers are allowed to make a complaint, giving bosses a free-hand to exploit workers.

Third party complaints could allow advocates to report abusive behaviour, but right now there’s no process for these complaints to be heard

Workers are sometimes deported while waiting for a decision on a complaint they made. This is a denial of justice.

Migrant workers should be able to make workers rights complaints without fear.  To have a stronger voice at work, migrant workers need the Ministry of Labour to put more resources into proactive enforcement of their rights and to allow third party complaints.  Migrant workers should have the right to change employers and stay in the country when they come forward about a violation

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