Stop Charles’ Deportation to Homophobia & Death! 

My name is Charles Mwangi and I am a bisexual man from Kenya. I fled to Canada in 2019 because I was at risk of being killed back home. Before coming, I was told people like me would be safe in Canada. But now my life is in danger again because I have been asked to buy a ticket to leave the country by July 31 – less than two weeks away. 

Right now, Kenya is considering passing laws similar to Uganda which would allow people like me to be executed. The media is full of news about the targeting of gay people. 

Since coming to Canada in 2019, I’ve worked in the frontlines during the COVID-19 pandemic as a personal support worker. I took care of elderly people when no one else did. I now work at two shelters for both youth and adults as a housekeeper and personal support worker  in Toronto.

I have been speaking publicly and in the media about my sexuality – including in the Toronto Star, City News and CTV. People in Kenya know who I am, and if I am deported, my life will be in grave danger. 

I’m waiting for a decision on my permanent residency application based on humanitarian grounds. But this application doesn’t stop me from being deported. 

I am reaching out to you for your support! Can you take 30 seconds to email the Immigration and Public Safety Ministers, and your local MP, using this tool below. Please help stop my deportation and the 40 deportations that happen everyday to people like me.

Two years ago, Prime Minister Trudeau promised to regularize the status of hundreds of thousands of undocumented people like Charles. Yet, he is now on the brink of deportation. We must hold the Prime Minister and Ministers accountable to keep this promise and protect people like Charles.

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Stop PGWP Injustice: Let workers stay

Migrant workers deserve rights, not punishment. Tens of thousands of graduated international students on post-graduate work permits (PGWP) who completed studies, worked for years and built their homes in Canada are facing mass deportation because their permits are expiring. Send a message below to PM Trudeau, Immigration Minister Miller and your MP to stop PGWP injustice and let workers stay.

If you want to share your own story, add it in the petition text directly below.

Endorsed by: Cooper Institute, the PEI PGWP Holders, the PEI Action Team for Migrant Worker Rights, and BIPOC USHR