Job Posting: Case Worker Organizer

Migrant Workers Alliance for Change (MWAC) is looking for a Caseworker Organizer that is committed to building and supporting worker power to win. The individual should be self-directed, and passionately committed to migrant and worker justice. 

For more information about us, check out our website at 

SALARY: $51,312 – $60,303 (Depending on experience. Salaries are set on a grid, with staff moving up a step each year)

BENEFITS: In lieu of benefits, an additional 10% of the salary will be paid until MWAC transitions to a benefits plan. 

HOURS: The position is full time and entails a 35-hour work week, evening/ weekend hours will be required. 


Support migrant workers, current and former international students, refugees, and undocumented people by providing legal information and connecting them to support services while ensuring that they are organized in MWAC’s structures. We are looking for someone that has a collective organizing approach and experience towards individual casework requests. 


  • Respond to calls for support on MWAC’s hotlines
  • Provide information, referrals, and support for workers’ specific problems or questions
  • Follow-up with workers to track resolution of issues and concerns to ensure each worker contacting us receives the support they need
  • Identify particular cases requiring further organizing or advocacy support 
  • Track communications and create basic reports
  • Support other organizing and casework activities as necessary including with outreach, legal information workshops and campaign activities


  • Extensive knowledge of immigration and employment laws and policies; as well as healthcare, EI, CPP, childcare, taxes, criminal justice, and other systems that migrants may need support with
  • Experience navigating community resources and essential services and doing individual advocacy
  • Demonstrated (paid or unpaid) experience supporting people with individual problems to take  collective action
  • Ability to maintain databases
  • Demonstrated ability to ensure highly confidential information is kept safely and securely
  • Experience of being a migrant or working with migrant and racialized communities and/or low-income workers


We encourage applications from migrants, Black people, Indigenous people, people of colour, women, people who identify with disability, LGBTQ+ people and people from other equity-seeking groups that face systemic discrimination. We will prioritize qualified candidates with migrant experience. If you believe you can do this role and you do not have all the qualifications, please still apply or reach out.


Please send an email to with the subject line “Case Worker Organizer” with a resume. 

In lieu of a cover letter, please answer the following questions [max 200 words per answer]:

  1. Why are you interested in working at MWAC as a Case Worker Organizer?
  2. Please tell us about your connection to migrants (lived or work experience).
  3. Please tell us about your experience providing information and navigating systems that migrants may need support with (ie legal, immigration, employment law, etc)
  4. How have you supported work that centers racialized communities, women, migrants, low-wage workers or other marginalized communities?
  5. Are there ways we can meet your accessibility needs in this recruiting process?
  6. Would you like us to use specific pronouns when we refer to you? If you do not specify here, we will assume they/them/theirs until you tell us otherwise.