Migrant Care Workers are speaking out from behind closed doors!

Racialized migrant care workers from across Canada are speaking out about the exploitation they have faced during COVID-19, and calling on the federal government to ensure FULL and PERMANENT immigration status for all.


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Watch the video and then scroll below to read the report! 

Behind Closed Doors: Exposing Migrant Care Worker Exploitation During COVID-19

This shocking new report, which compiles hundreds of surveys filled out by migrant care workers during COVID-19, tells a story of entrapment, long hours, and thousands of dollars in stolen wages. It shows the enormous power employers have to abuse and exploit, and the ways in which migrant women are refusing to be silent.

Read the press release with key highlights of the report here.

Authored by Caregivers Action Centre, Vancouver Committee for Domestic Worker and Caregiver Rights, Caregiver Connection Education and Support Organization and Migrant Workers Alliance for Change, the report is endorsed by the Alberta Careworkers Association, PINAY Quebec, Migrante Canada, Migrante Alberta, and Association for the Rights of Household and Farm Workers (ADDPD/ARHW).

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Care Worker Rights’ During #COVID19: Minimum Wage Increase

If I am a Care Worker receiving minimum wage, should my wages go up? Yes! On October 1, 2020, the minimum wage in Ontario increased to $14.25. This means that your employer is required by law to pay you $14.25 per hour. Read below for more information!

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If you are a Care Worker with questions about your rights, call, text or WhatsApp the Caregivers’ Action Centre at (647) 782-6633. ๐Ÿ“ž๐Ÿ“ž

Together, united, we are stronger!

This past weekend, our voices were loud in 11 cities – KelownaVancouverTorontoMontreal, Kitchener, SudburyHamiltonSt. Catharines, Fredericton, Halifax and St. Johns!

In Toronto, we took over the four corners of Yonge & Dundas square to demand that migrants get FULL & PERMANENT STATUS FOR ALL!

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At the Toronto rally, Care Worker Leader Khim Smith bravely spoke about why we are fighting for #StatusForAll NOW! 

We wore black and dressed up with GREEN LIGHT: STATUS FOR ALL stickers! 

We handed out apples that were picked and grown by migrant farm workers!

We decorated the sidewalk with #StatusForAll messages! 

We marched in the streets with migrant sex workers, international students, undocumented people and supporters to demand #StatusNow

Click here to watch a video about why Care Workers are joining with international students for #StatusForALL!

A fair society is one with equal rights, and equal rights are not possible without FULL and PERMANENT immigration Status For ALL. 

Together, united, we are stronger!  

Over 280+ organizations demand FULL & PERMANENT Status For All!

Over 280 organizations – which includes 8 million people! – jointly released a letter just now supporting our call for FULL and PERMANENT immigration #StatusForAll!

Read the letter, see the massive support we have and add your name! 

Today, just as the Federal Liberal Party starts their Cabinet retreat to finalize plans for recovery from COVID-19, hundreds of groups across the country and from all sectors are making sure that political parties know what is expected of them: Nothing less than FULL and PERMANENT immigration status for all migrants, undocumented people, students or workers immediately, and permanent resident status on arrival for all migrants in the future. 

For the last six months, thousands of migrants have marched on the streets, signed petitions, made calls to the Prime Minister, and shown up at online events. Todayโ€™s letter proves that WE ARE NOT ALONE. A massive number of people across the country are with us. 

A fair society is one with equal rights, and equal rights are not possible without full and permanent immigration #StatusForAll.

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With decisions about our future being made in Ottawa right now, we have no time to lose. We need thousands of people and organizations to read and sign this letter today to make our voice even louder: www.StatusforAll.ca

โ€œMigrants, refugees, and undocumented people want to take care of their families and be active members of their communities. But federal immigration rules tip the scales against them. We call for a single-tier immigration system, where everyone in the country has the same rights.โ€

Today, letโ€™s make sure that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and all other political parties hear our LOUD VOICES! Read our letter and sign on here!

We are Done Waiting! The Time is Now! Status For All!

On August 23rd, hundreds of Care Workers, farmworkers, refugees, migrant sex workers, international students and undocumented people came together in 11 cities across Canada to demand #StatusForAll now! 

Click here to watch & share the video of the rally in Toronto! 

At the rally in front of the Immigration and Refugee Board in Toronto, Care Worker Leader Harpreet Kaur bravely spoke about why Care Workers are demanding FULL & PERMANENT immigration #StatusForAll NOW! 

Care Workers joined the rally to demand the elimination of the unfair language, education and service requirements!  

Hundreds of us set up a human clock insisting that we are DONE WAITING. The Time is Now! We deserve #StatusForAll! 

Last week on the Caregivers’ Action Centre Facebook page, we shared powerful words from Care Workers about why they are fighting for Status For All now! 

Read below to learn why Care Worker Maricel is demanding #StatusNow! 

We don’t want to struggle anymore to get permanent residency! We need to make sure the government, including Prime Minister Trudeau and Minister of Immigration Mendicino, hears about Care Worker issues! 

The fight is not over until we win #StatusForALL! Follow us on facebook and stay tuned for more actions!

Together, we will win! 

Care Workersโ€™ Rights During #COVID19: Civic Holiday in Ontario

Is the first Monday in August a PUBLIC holiday in Ontario? No, the first Monday in August is a CIVIC Holiday in Ontario. This means that under the Employment Standards Act, Ontario employers are NOT required to offer paid vacation on a Civic Holiday. Read below for more information!

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โœŠ JOIN our friends at the Fight for $15 & Fairness on August 11th for a cross-country phone ZAP where we will ALL call Prime Minister Trudeau, cabinet ministers, and MPs to demand fairness at work and #incomeforall! Sign up here: https://www.15andfairness.org/phone_zap_aug11_2020

If you are a Care Worker with questions about your rights, call, text or WhatsApp the Caregivers’ Action Centre at (647) 782-6633. ๐Ÿ“ž๐Ÿ“ž

Care Workers’ Rights During #COVID19: Biometrics

If Iโ€™m applying for temporary residence in Canada, do I have to give my biometrics? No! Read more below!

This new policy applies to you if you are applying for:  
– an extension of a work permit, or a new work permit
– an extension of a study permit, or a new study permit
– a visitor visa, or a visitor record to allow you to stay in Canada as a temporary resident
– restoration (extension) of temporary resident status, or a temporary resident permit

โŒ DO NOT pay the biometric fee, even if IRCCโ€™s online system asks you to pay it when you submit your application. 
โœ”๏ธ If you do pay the biometric fee and you receive a biometric instruction letter, you DO NOT have to give your biometrics if youโ€™re in Canada and applying for temporary residence. A refund will be given to you later. 

๐Ÿ‘€ Read here for more information: https://www.canada.ca/…/biometrics-exemption-temporary…

If you are a Care Worker with questions about your rights, call, text or Whatsapp the Caregivers’ Action Centre at (647) 782-6633!