Join the Migrant Worker Contingent at IWD 2017, Toronto

IWD 2017: Migrant Workers Part of the Resistance! Part of the Fight!
Join migrant workers and allies in the 2017 International Women’s Day March in Toronto 

Meet at 12:45pm
Saturday March 11, 2017
155 College Street (corner of McCaul and College)
Look for the Migrant Worker IWD poster!

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For decades, migrant workers have had to work under the most precarious, dangerous and exploitative sectors in Canada. For women migrants, they face even greater levels of exploitation and harm as they are denied basic human and labour rights afforded to those with status in Canada. This International Women’s Day in Toronto is themed – Stop the hate. Unite the fight. Build the resistance. Unity is power. We are here to say Migrant Workers Are Part of the Resistance! Part of the Fight. Unity is Power!

We will also be participating in the 1 Billion Rising campaign, led by GABRIELA. The Toronto presence will represent the global movement to end violence against women and fight exploitation. More information can be found here.

The Ontario government is currently reviewing labour laws. Ontario’s laws exclude many migrant workers from minimum wage, housing regulations, protection from recruiters, access to health and safety and employment standards and injured workers compensation. If laws exclude one group of Ontarians, everyone’s affected. Migrant workers live and work in Ontario, they should have the same rights. That means:
(1) There should be no special rules and exemptions by occupation.
(2) Labour laws must be proactively enforced and community members must be able to complain about bad bosses.
(3) Migrant workers need special anti-reprisal protections including the ability to stay in the country while their complaints are being processed.
(4) Agriculture workers and Caregivers must be able to unionize and bargain collectively and sectorally.
(5) There should be no fees for work. Recruiters need to be licenced and migrant worker employers registered.

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