Migrant Workers Decorate MP Arif Virani’s Office


Late on December 16th, Migrant workers and their allies from Caregivers Action Centre, Justicia for Migrant Workers and other member organizations of Migrant Workers Alliance for Change decorated the offices of MP Arif Virani, Parliamentary Assistant to Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship.

See full text of the letter they delivered below.

Migrant workers are calling on their allies to contact Arif Virani ad ask him to o think about their families. Tell him migrant workers need the same rights as everyone else.

• Migrant workers deserve to switch jobs and untied work permits.
• Migrant workers should be able to come to Canada with permanent residency and their families, like other immigrants.

Call: 416 769 5072
Email: Arif.Virani@parl.gc.ca
Tweet: www.twitter.com/viraniarif
Message him: facebook.com/Arif.ViraniParkdaleHighPark

For more pictures and a copy of the letter, click here.