Do you get paid minimum wage in Ontario?

If you work in Ontario, your wages increased by 10 cents on October 1, 2021 to $14.35/hour. Check your paystub to make sure you received this small raise. Message MWAC on WhatsApp at 905-324-2840 if you didn’t.

We know 14.35/hour is not enough. You and your coworkers deserve more! What are you willing to do to fight for what you deserve?

Meet with your coworkers today to discuss the new wage increase. Then, together create a message to the politicians who keep our wages low using this safe and confidential form – Send a message: Farmworkers deserve more! (< press the link). Share this message with your friends and family on the farmwork program.

Taking these actions will not risk your job in any way – and by uniting with your coworkers, will help create safety in numbers! United we are stronger.

Join us! Send a message above or message us on WhatsApp to receive future news updates: 905-324-2840