Our Work

We are organizing provincially and federally to ensure that migrant workers can live with dignity and respect.


For too long migrant workers in Ontario have been treated differently than other Ontarians. Ontario’s laws exclude migrant workers from minimum wage, housing regulations, protection from recruiters and strong protections. Migrant workers do not have the same access to health and safety as other workers in the province. This isn’t fair. It’s time to make it right!

If one group of Ontarians are excluded by law, the impact is on everyone. Wages, work conditions and justice across the province suffer. Migrant workers live and work in Ontario, they should be treated like everyone else. We are all in it together.

Our current provincial campaigns

Federal Campaigns

In October 2015, MWAC spearheaded the formation of the Coalition for Migrant Worker Rights Canada (CMWRC). CMWRC is a unified voice of migrant workers in Canada. Our aim is simple: to re-build the immigration system to ensure basic dignity and fairness for everyone. CMWRC is made up of migrant workers from Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, PEI and Quebec. Visit CMWRC’s website here.

With CMWRC, we have launched MoVE – Mobility, Voice & Equality for Migrant Workers Campaign with the aim of ensuring an end to tied work permits for migrant workers as a first step towards permanent immigration status upon arrival for migrant workers.


MWAC serves as a policy analysis and development think-tank responding to federal and provincial legislation that impacts migrant workers. We collaborate with academics and legal experts to develop evidence based, and migrant worker experience centered recommendations to ensure decent work for all workers, with or without full immigration status.