Toronto Rally for Migrant Worker Rights #StatusNow

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1pm, May 30, 2016
South-East corner of Bloor and Spadina, march to MP Chrystia Freeland’s office

For decades migrant workers in Canada have been denied the most basic freedoms. The freedom to change their job, the freedom to visit with their family, the freedom to stay with their loved ones. Now, the Federal Government is carrying a historic review of the program and we need to ensure that migrant workers don’t get shut out.

The chair of the committee reviewing the program, MP Bryan May told the Calgary Herald that ‘Eighty to 90 per cent of meetings he has had in his capacity as chair have been with industry representatives’.

It will take phenomenal effort on all our part to ensure that migrant worker concerns aren’t stomped over by these same lobbyists in the weeks ahead. We need to ensure that this review does not treat migrant workers like commodities – to be increased or decreased at whim. On May 30th, join us to insist that migrant workers are here, that they are our friends and family members and their labour and human rights matter.

Together, we will call for:

* Mobility: Migrant workers should not be forced to work for a single employer
* Voice: Migrant workers should get a say. It’s time to undo the harm done by the previous government.
* Equality: Let’s build a robust permanent immigration system where migrant workers gets equal treatment