Another major victory to win renewable PGWPs!

Now, over 50,000 former international students have a second chance for permanent residency. Watch the video to learn what was announced today, how we did it and where we go from here.

The fight isn’t over! We still need immediate opening of applications, fair study and work permit rules, and PR #StatusforAll to ensure no-one is left behind. Join us!

#FairnessAgendaforMigrantStudents means:

+ PR Status for All: Speed up CEC, lower CRS scores, value all work, including NOC C&D, in-school, part-time and gig work, without unfair age, language and immigration status requirements

+ Fair Study and Work Permit Rules: End to the 20 hour work limit, permanently renewable Post Graduate Work Permits

+ Equal Rights and Dignity: Lower tuition fees, access to scholarships and school support, decent work, fair housing, equal access to healthcare, and family unity