Migrant Workers Alliance for Change supports the self-organization of migrants.

We are building our power to support each other and win justice for us all.

We support migrants to stand up against bad bosses and fix problems with immigration. We build migrant power by bringing together workers on farms, in factories, on campuses and in communities to create the change they want. We fight for better laws and fairness for all of us. We work with Indigenous, labour, climate, and faith allies to build a better world for everyone. Click here if you are a migrant who wants to join our organization!

We are old and new. In 2009, we formed as a coalition of migrant worker organizations and allies to work together to win fairness for migrant communities in Ontario. In 2017, we also began to organize migrants in regions or sectors that were unorganized. In 2018, we helped create the cross-country alliance, the Migrant Rights Network. In 2020, the coalition members of the Migrant Workers Alliance for Change renamed itself Migrant Rights Network – Ontario, a regional body of the Migrant Rights Network. The Migrant Workers Alliance for Change is now its own organization, with a membership of migrants in farmwork, care work, and current and former international students.

Migrant Workers Alliance for Change is a member of and also serves as the secretariat for the Migrant Rights Network and Migrant Rights Network – Ontario.