The Migrant Workers Alliance for Change (MWAC) is Canada’s largest coalition of self-organized groups of migrant workers, with the support of grassroots organizations, unions, faith groups, activists and researchers that have come together to fight for justice and dignity for migrant workers.

MWAC supports migrant workers and migrant worker led organizations; developing innovative policy solutions; training service providers and coordinating federal and provincial campaigns.

If you are a migrant worker, or support migrant workers, get in touch with us! 


  • CBC Ombudsperson: Investigate documentary on “birth tourism” - The following is a letter sent to CBC Ombudsperson. You can send a complaint also through: CBC 5th Estate Documentary – Passport babies: The growing shadow industry of birth tourism is inaccurate, unfair, imbalanced and puts migrants at risk We are writing to you regarding the recent CBC 5th Estate’s documentary titled Passport babies: more
  • JOIN US: Migrant Students United! - We are organizing for decent jobs, open work permits, full access to social services, and permanent status upon arrival for migrant students. 
  • Migrant Worker Policy Priorities – May 2019 - DOWNLOAD OUR POLICY POSITION HERE. There are a number of issues of key concern to migrant workers and their support organizations across Canada at this moment. These include: Employment and Social Development Canada proposals for an occupation specific work permit; Interim Pathway for Caregivers, set to expire on June 4th, 2019; Proposal for the creation more