Care Workers’ Rights During #COVID19: Biometrics

If I’m applying for temporary residence in Canada, do I have to give my biometrics? No! Read more below!

This new policy applies to you if you are applying for:  
– an extension of a work permit, or a new work permit
– an extension of a study permit, or a new study permit
– a visitor visa, or a visitor record to allow you to stay in Canada as a temporary resident
– restoration (extension) of temporary resident status, or a temporary resident permit

❌ DO NOT pay the biometric fee, even if IRCC’s online system asks you to pay it when you submit your application. 
✔️ If you do pay the biometric fee and you receive a biometric instruction letter, you DO NOT have to give your biometrics if you’re in Canada and applying for temporary residence. A refund will be given to you later. 

👀 Read here for more information:…/biometrics-exemption-temporary…

If you are a Care Worker with questions about your rights, call, text or Whatsapp the Caregivers’ Action Centre at (647) 782-6633!