Online Phone Zap: Unite Against Racism, Regularize All!

On International Day for Elimination of Racial Discrimination on March 21st, let’s join together at 8PM EST to make calls to Prime Minister Trudeau and Immigration Minister Marc Miller to demand equal rights and status for all. Sign up now and read below for more information!

In December 2021, Prime Minister Trudeau promised a regularization program for undocumented people, but he’s stalling. Everyday migrants like us are being exploited and deported, while unfairly being blamed for the affordability crisis – this is racism! So let’s be clear – we are the ones in crisis and the only solution is permanent residency status for all!

Let’s unite against racism. Bring your phones and get ready to make calls to demand:

  • Regularize all undocumented people
  • No exclusions, caps, delays
  • Stop all deportations
  • Status for all now!