Migrant Care Workers call for FULL Immigration Status for ALL!

Since the 1800s, racialized women have been coming to Canada to raise children and take care of the sick and elderly. Despite being the backbone of the economy, Care Workers are treated like we are temporary! COVID-19 has shown that without the essential work of Care Workers, Canadian society does not function. Care Workers are humans too, we deserve respect and dignity!

We demand FULL & PERMANENT immigration status for ALL! STATUS FOR ALL means: 

  1. Permanent Resident status NOW for everyone who has entered into Canada.
  2. Permanent Resident status ON ARRIVAL with our families.
  3. ELIMINATE language, education and service requirements.
  4. ELIMINATE the medical inadmissibility rules.
  5. OPEN WORK PERMITS while applications for permanent residence are in process.
  6. No more detentions and deportations. WE ARE HERE TO STAY! 

Status for All is NOT the same as a “pathway to permanent residency”. Care Workers already have a pathway to permanent immigration status, but because of unfair English language and education requirements, many of us cannot apply for it and will lose our immigration status! We need FULL immigration Status for All NOW!

Care Workers are joining with farmworkers, refugees, migrant sex workers, international students, undocumented people and all migrants to call for Status for All. At least 1 in 23 people in Canada (over 1.6 million) are non permanent residents. We are building a migrant justice movement. Together, we are stronger!

While fighting for Status For All, we also demand for: 

  • Healthcare for all;
  • Family unity;
  • Full labour rights and protections for all, including open work permits without any employer, hours of work or industry restrictions
  • Equal access without restriction, fees or fear to Employment Insurance, pensions, social assistance, workers’ compensation, emergency income supports, settlement services and all other social services and education at all levels.
  • End to racism, xenophobia and discrimination

Our communities cannot wait! Click here to sign our petition for landed status now!