New Parliament, Same Crisis: Tell your MP the Crisis is Now!

A new parliament starts in Ottawa this week. Yesterday, the federal government laid out its priorities for the next year including increasing immigration levels, reducing wait times, and family reunification. But they failed to mention how migrants like us are living and working in crisis right now without permanent residency. 

From December 3-5, migrant groups from across the country will be organizing meetings, postering offices, holding rallies, caravans, and public outreach events at Member of Parliament offices. Our message is clear: We live here. Our crisis must be a priority. Click below to sign up for an action near you!

I want to join an action near me on Dec 3-5!

I want to join an action in Toronto on Dec 5!

Migrants are in crisis. In British Columbia, our fellow migrant farmworkers have been displaced due to flooding. Many are being temporarily housed in shelters, while others have yet to be evacuated. Because farmworkers are on employer-specific work permits, they are unable to find other work or access EI benefits. Their lives and livelihoods are at serious risk. 

For us care workers, we know how it feels to be suddenly displaced without a place to live and unable to access work or benefits because of our closed work permits. We are tired of going through crises after crises! We demand full and permanent immigration status for all now! Join an action near you from December 3rd to the 5th: