Over 280+ organizations demand FULL & PERMANENT Status For All!

Over 280 organizations – which includes 8 million people! – jointly released a letter just now supporting our call for FULL and PERMANENT immigration #StatusForAll!

Read the letter, see the massive support we have and add your name! 

Today, just as the Federal Liberal Party starts their Cabinet retreat to finalize plans for recovery from COVID-19, hundreds of groups across the country and from all sectors are making sure that political parties know what is expected of them: Nothing less than FULL and PERMANENT immigration status for all migrants, undocumented people, students or workers immediately, and permanent resident status on arrival for all migrants in the future. 

For the last six months, thousands of migrants have marched on the streets, signed petitions, made calls to the Prime Minister, and shown up at online events. Today’s letter proves that WE ARE NOT ALONE. A massive number of people across the country are with us. 

A fair society is one with equal rights, and equal rights are not possible without full and permanent immigration #StatusForAll.

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With decisions about our future being made in Ottawa right now, we have no time to lose. We need thousands of people and organizations to read and sign this letter today to make our voice even louder: www.StatusforAll.ca

“Migrants, refugees, and undocumented people want to take care of their families and be active members of their communities. But federal immigration rules tip the scales against them. We call for a single-tier immigration system, where everyone in the country has the same rights.”

Today, let’s make sure that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and all other political parties hear our LOUD VOICES! Read our letter and sign on here!