TR for PR program closes after only 10 weeks. Here’s what to do next!

After just 10 weeks of opening, the new TR for PR program for Essential Workers (Stream B) officially closed on Thursday, July 15. This means that many of us who were trying to get our applications together to apply on time, are now shut out. 

While many of us are upset, now is the time to connect with other migrant workers and speak up! In 2019, migrant care workers won the Interim Pathway Program, but it closed after being open for only three months. So care workers, like you, continued to demand more and the Interim Pathway was reopened. At that time, the Minister of Immigration said the program was only extended because care workers spoke up. Do you want to speak up with other migrant care workers? Contact us at 647-782-6633 and we will connect you.

Here’s what to do next!  

Did you already apply under the TR for PR program? You may be eligible for a bridging open work permit. Applications and more information will be shared by the government on July 26, 2021 and we will let you know. 

Did you apply for PR previously and are waiting for a decision? The federal government has promised to process 6,000 applications this year, and another 6,000 next year. 

Are you a child care worker? You will be able to apply for permanent residency under the Home Child Care Provider pilot program when it reopens on January 1, 2022, if you meet all the requirements.  

Are you an elderly care worker? You can apply under the TR for PR program: Essential Worker (Stream A) or under the Home Support Worker Program pilot program, if you meet all the requirements. 

Are you non-status? You may be eligible for permanent resident status under the Humanitarian and Compassionate application process. 

If you have more questions, contact our free, confidential hotline at 647-782-6633!


For many of us these options aren’t good enough. We are tired of waiting. We don’t want to be separated from our families. We don’t want to be exploited. The language tests and educational requirements are simply too difficult. We work here, we live here, we deserve equal rights and permanent immigration status for all. 

Here’s what you can do immediately:

  1. Sign this petition to demand:
  2. Leave a message for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau RIGHT NOW and demand that he give full and permanent immigration status for ALL!

Click here to watch a video of Care Worker Yamz calling the PM Trudeau and leaving a message!

We are going to Ottawa! Watch us live this Sunday, July 25 at 2pm as migrants take to the streets in Ottawa to demand Status for All! Join the livestream on Facebook @MigrantRightsCA