Over 27,000 people invited to apply for permanent residency! #StatusforAll

In February 2021, over 27,000 people were invited to apply for permanent residency in the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) draw under Express Entry. That is a massive 440% increase in invitations. The points required were also lowered – the minimum cut-off score was 75, compared to the high 400s from the two previous CEC rounds.

This decision to send out over 27,000 invitations to apply (ITAs) comes just a month after we stopped the mass deportation of 52,000 people and helped win a historic change for post graduate work permit holders.

This is good news for some. But there is more to be done. Some who received invitations to apply (ITAs) are worried that we won’t eventually be confirmed for permanent residency due to unclear and restrictive immigration rules. Even greater are the many who migrant student workers who are still left out, particularly those who work in low-waged essential industries. 

Clearly, time after time, we see the federal government is responding to our call. It is evident that they can make changes to unfair and arbitrary rules that have never made sense, and they can make any and all change when they want. So let us be loud and clear: ALL MIGRANT AND UNDOCUMENTED PEOPLE DESERVE FULL AND PERMANENT IMMIGRATION STATUS, without exclusion and without exemption. 

Nobody should be left behind! We reiterate our calls for change to:

  • VALUE ALL WORK TOWARDS PR: Count work that is part-time, in-school, and in any occupation (including NOC 0, A and B) towards PR;
  • FIX RULES AROUND WORK: Remove time-limits and industry restrictions on work;
  • ENSURE REAL ACCESS TO PR: Make post-graduate work permits renewable; Lower points requirements for PR (CRS); ensure full and permanent immigration status for all migrants.
  • UNITE FAMILIES: Allow families to travel; Ensure work permits for family members.
  • LOWER TUITION AND ENSURE FULL SERVICES: Work with provincial partners to ensure migrant students pay domestic tuition; and have full access to all services including healthcare, housing, jobs, scholarships, pandemic emergency benefits, and in-school support; Ensure immediate access to Social Insurance Numbers.