Can my boss take deductions from my wages?

Your employer is allowed to take certain deductions from your wages depending on what Caregiver Program you are under.

If you are under the Live-In Caregiver Program and received an LMIA permit before November 30, 2014, your employer can deduct:

• Private Room weekly: $31.70
• Meals Weekly: $53.55 or $2.55 per meal
• Room and Meals Weekly: $85.25

For care workers with LMIA-based work permits under the Caregiver Program after November 30, 2014, your employer cannot make deductions for room and board.

If you have an occupation-restricted work permit under the new Caregiver program that started on June 18, 2019, your employer can deduct room and board. 

Your employer must provide you with a pay slip each pay period that shows your pay, hours and deductions.

Migrant care workers fought for the right to live out of employers’ homes and not be charged room and board. It is not fair that the government brought back these rules. That is why care workers are continuing to fight against unfair rules and demanding status now. Join us.