Migrant Care Workers are speaking out from behind closed doors!

Racialized migrant care workers from across Canada are speaking out about the exploitation they have faced during COVID-19, and calling on the federal government to ensure FULL and PERMANENT immigration status for all.


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Behind Closed Doors: Exposing Migrant Care Worker Exploitation During COVID-19

This shocking new report, which compiles hundreds of surveys filled out by migrant care workers during COVID-19, tells a story of entrapment, long hours, and thousands of dollars in stolen wages. It shows the enormous power employers have to abuse and exploit, and the ways in which migrant women are refusing to be silent.

Read the press release with key highlights of the report here.

Authored by Caregivers Action Centre, Vancouver Committee for Domestic Worker and Caregiver Rights, Caregiver Connection Education and Support Organization and Migrant Workers Alliance for Change, the report is endorsed by the Alberta Careworkers Association, PINAY Quebec, Migrante Canada, Migrante Alberta, and Association for the Rights of Household and Farm Workers (ADDPD/ARHW).

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