No More Waiting! PR Now for All!

Have you been waiting for months to hear back about your PR application? Have you taken multiple English exams? Are you unable to apply for PR because of educational requirements? Have you become undocumented because of unfair immigration rules? You can do something about this unfairness! Join other migrant care workers by signing this petition: No More Waiting! PR Now for All!

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The government keeps promising change, yet nothing happens. But if thousands of care workers and supporters speak up by adding our names to this petition, we can make the Prime Minister and the Immigration Minister fix the rules. Sign now:

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Since the beginning of January, hundreds of migrant care workers have joined meetings, filled out surveys, and spoken up about our concerns. Together, we came up with these demands to solve our problems:

  • Landed status now for all care workers in the country
  • No more waiting for PR processing
  • No English language requirements
  • No education accreditation requirement
  • No more tied work permits
  • Reunite families

Sign now! United, we are stronger!