Amplify Migrant Worker Voices in Federal Housing Consultations

Migrant rights supporting organizations across Canada are urged to amplify migrant worker priorities for their housing by providing written submissions into a federal consultation process. Please adapt this template letter to write your own submissions and send them to Employment and Social Development Canada by the deadline, December 22, 2020.

As background, the federal government of Canada has initiated Stakeholder Consultations on Mandatory Requirements for Employer-Provided Accommodations in the TFW Program. Draft Minimum Accommodation Requirements for Primary Agriculture have been developed and circulated for feedback. 

The Migrant Rights Network – Food & Farmworker Working Group consulted with 453 migrant farmworkers across Canada and we have submitted their response: Decent & Dignified Housing for Migrant Farmworkers [click here to read]

Migrant workers want their housing to ensure privacy, space, family unity, quality of life, and worker control. They want decent housing that provides them with a sense of home, a dignified place to rest and live like the whole human beings that they are. They want enforceable guidelines and full and permanent immigration status for all. Help amplify these voices by making a submission.