We are transforming!

Migrant Workers Alliance for Change is transforming! 

We are focusing our energy on building a democratic membership-based organization of migrant workers to win labour and immigration justice. 

Over 12 years ago, we formed as a coalition of migrant and allied organizations. For the last three years we have been supporting the self-organization of farmworkers, care workers, current and former migrant students and others. This direct organizing work is growing and will be known as Migrant Workers Alliance for Change. 

You can support our work by donating to support migrants uniting to win: www.MigrantWorkersAlliance.org/Donate 

Become a sustaining donor! All new monthly donors will be entered into a draw to win 1 of 20 copies of Harsha Waila’s new book, Border and Rule!  

The coalition formerly known as the Migrant Workers Alliance for Change is now the Migrant Rights Network – Ontario (MRN-ON). MRN-ON will continue to build solidarity and collaboration between migrants and allies in Ontario to win fairer laws. MRN-ON is the Ontario wing of the cross-country Migrant Rights Network.

Migrant Workers Alliance for Change (the organization) will continue to serve as the Secretariat for MRN-ON and the Migrant Rights Network. 

Migrant Workers Alliance for Change’s new logo tells the story of our work. The colours representing migrant care workers, farmworkers, students, and all other migrants form a fist and a chain – symbolizing strength in unity. The break in the line is our commitment to openness and change as we welcome more migrant members into our fold. 

We have a new digital home here at www.MigrantWorkersAlliance.org that is primarily aimed at  migrants to get support and get organized: Migrant Care Workers, Migrant Farm Workers, Trabajador@s Agrícolas and Migrant Students

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Migrant Rights Network – Ontario can be found here: www.MigrantRights.ca and on socials: @MigrantRightsCA