Emergency Rally & Petition Delivery: No STCA! Status for All!

Join us in grief and rage.

Click to sign this petition so we can make sure this devastating policy does not go unnoticed, and shine a spotlight on the need for fundamental change including permanent resident status for all.

If you can’t attend at 12pm, there is also a vigil at the same location at 4:30pm organized by the Toronto Refugee Rights Day organizing committee.

Refugees and other migrants were already dying crossing via Roxham Road because the Safe Third Country Agreement (STCA) and other immigration laws made it impossible to travel safely. Now, with STCA expanded, both the US and Canada have legislated a policy of turning away migrants. Any refugee crossing over will be able to be deported without due process within the first 14 days of arrival. This will force refugees to take even more dangerous routes and cause even more suffering and death. Prime Minister Trudeau says Canada welcomes migrants, even as he is slamming the door shut and putting migrants in danger.