Unite to #MakeItFair: Fairness Agenda for Migrant Student Workers

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Endorsed by: Canadian Federation of Students – National, University of Toronto Mississauga Students Union, Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) Local 901, York Federation of Students, Canadian Federation of Students – Ontario, Sudbury Workers Education and Advocacy Centre, Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Local 2626, Afro-Canadian Positive Network of British Columbia, Global Peace Alliance BC Society, Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Local 3902, Capilano Students’ Union and more

The Fairness Agenda for Migrant Student Workers is a platform that unites current and former international students’ demands and issues directed at all levels of government, institutions and employers. The objective of the platform is to:

  • Create a unified cross-cutting set of demands that any organization working with migrant students workers can link to regardless of their particular expertise or focus;
  • Build bridges between various migrant student worker organizations; and 
  • Establish a process to discuss and strategize on demands in the federal government’s upcoming review and announced changes. 

We at Migrant Students United are connected with over 25,500 current and former international students. We are the only cross-country organization that has a membership of current, graduated and undocumented students with chapters in Ontario, BC and Newfoundland, and members in 10 provinces and territories. Over the last year, our membership has been identifying priorities and we have been consulting with organizations like yours, particularly as we have campaigned for and won recent changes to post-graduate work permit and study permit hours of work rules. Over 4,700 current and former students’ input has shaped this agenda. The Fairness Agenda for Migrant Student Workers is the culmination of this assessment and study. 

The Fairness Agenda for Migrant Student Workers is a broad set of principles from which more specific policy proposals can be created as we continue our ongoing work. We at Migrant Students United will continue to build collective migrant student worker power to campaign for this agenda at all levels. 

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  • Can opt-in to be connected to organizations similar to yours campaigning towards the same aim;
  • Can opt-in to participate in future joint activities that will be determined in coordination with endorsers. 

See link to the endorsement request letter here and read what’s in the agenda here.

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Fairness Agenda for Migrant Student Workers

Current and graduated international students (Migrant Student Workers) are now the largest group of temporary migrants in the country. We are uniting as migrants for our rights, for justice and dignity. 


  • Fix Express Entry: Fair CRS calculations, predictable draws, no one left out
  • Value all work in immigration selection: In any NOC/TEER, work done on the study permit, in co-op
  • No exclusions: PR status for all regardless of age, immigration status, work, language and education requirements


  • Permanently end the 20 hour work rule for study permit holders
  • Make PGWP renewable, and include private college students
  • Allow co-op work authorization without extra permits 
  • Permit protections for vulnerable and destitute migrant student workers
  • No industry of work restrictions


  • Fair tuition: No differential treatment, caps on fee increases, stop the fees
  • Regulate education recruiters, provide whistleblower protections to students
  • Ensure access to employment and decent work; end wage theft and labour exploitation
  • Ensure full access to all services including healthcare, housing, jobs, scholarships, and in-school support
  • Ensure family unity