Current + Former Farmworkers: MAY WI TALLAWAH

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his government are *finally* discussing status and equal rights for undocumented migrants (regularization), including former farmworkers, this month. We are close to winning equal rights, but we can’t cross the finish line without YOU!

Here are some action options – what are YOU willing to do to win? Choose an action below and invite a friend to join you!

In-person actions

Alternative actions

  • 3. Sign the petition at and ask a friend to do the same. Post the link regularly on Facebook or share on WhatsApp to remind your friends to sign and share. For every person who adds their name, an email is automatically sent to the Cabinet Ministers.
  • 4. Call Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at 613-992-4211 and leave a message telling him to support an inclusive program to give permanent resident status to all undocumented people with no caps or exclusion. Tap here for script. Ask a friend to call with you!
  • 6. Outside of Canada and can’t make a call? Record a video or voice note, or take a photo, asking Cabinet Ministers to do the right thing. Use the same script as the phone calls. Send your video, audio, or photo on WhatsApp to 905-324-2840.
  • 7. Do you have an idea for an action not listed? Share it with your organizer on WhatsApp at 905-324-2840 or through email at

We have just a few weeks to make sure each of the Cabinet Ministers hear from thousands of us, so that they are pressured to do the right thing. Let’s go!

Upcoming farmworker meetings

  • May 7, 4-6pm – Vineyard workers organizing meeting
  • May 10, 8pm Toronto time/7pm Jamaica time – Monthly members meeting for current & former farmworkers
    • Not a member yet? Take an action above and WhatsApp “JOIN MWAC” to 905-324-2840 to learn more about our membership process.