Fill out the Government Survey for Migrant Workers and Speak Up for Your Rights!

The federal government is asking Temporary Foreign Workers to share their opinions. This is a great opportunity to speak up for your rights. 

Why should you do the survey?

  • It’s anonymous! 
  • You can tell the government what you really think.
  • It will only take you 10 minutes. 

But remember:

  • It’s not enough to just share your ideas.
  • Join with other migrant workers like you by calling or sending us a WhatsApp message to learn what else you can do. 

How do I complete the survey?

  • We have put all the sections from the survey here below, so you can read them and get inspired. 
  • The sections in the survey are bolded, and our suggested answers are highlighted in yellow 
  • You can read all the questions below and then click the link to start the survey

Click this link to start: Government Survey for Migrant Workers and Speak Up for Your Rights!

  • You can use the answers below to be inspired or you can copy and paste in the Federal government survey.

Section 1

Questions 1 to 5

These first five questions are personal questions such as: Have you ever been a temporary foreign worker in Canada? The year you worked in Canada, the type of job you did, and where you worked (province and city). 

Section 2 

Question 6 

Asks you if you are in a union. 

Section 3

Questions 7 to 24

In this section you will find questions about your experiences in Canada, such as infomation about your rights as a migrant worker you know, where did you find said information. Were you able to exercise your rights, living and working conditions, send a report to ESDC, open work permit for vulnerable workers. 

Remember to think of your worst experience in Canada when answering these questions. When you find a box use that opportunity to say why you want permanent resident status because it protects you from exploitation. Give examples of where you were mistreated. 

Section 4 

Questions 25 to 35

This section asks demographic information such as level of education, country of origin, language you speak, gender. Please respond acordingly. 

Section 5 

Question 36 to 39

This part is about your interest in coming back to Canada, and if you would apply for Permanent Residency. 

Use this section to reiterate why you want permanent residency for all and why you cannot apply, because there are no access to PR for some groups of migrant workers such as Farmworkers. 

Section 6 

Send the survey – This is where you will find the Submit button for the survey. 

Let’s unite together and make sure Canada does the right thing and grants Permanent Status For All – including people without papers and those who arrive in the future. Sign the petition


Do you want to stay informed about upcoming changes, events, and actions send us a WhatsApp message now and save our number in your phone contacts (This is a private and confidential list, and will not risk your job or status in any way): 

Farmworkers (ENG): 905-324-2840

Trabajadores Agrícolas: 647-807-4722

Care workers: 647-782-6633

Fishery workers (English and Spanish): 506-251-7467