Every year the agri-food big business lobby, funded by the Canadian government, organizes Canadian Agriculture Day to celebrate “Canadian agriculture and food and the people who produce it”. But the celebrations leave out the racialized migrant agricultural workers without whom none of us could eat. 

This year, the lobby day is on February 23, primarily on Twitter & Instagram using the hashtag #CdnAgDay. So migrant farm workers across Canada, as well as throughout Mexico and the Caribbean, are taking over the hashtag with their message: WE FEED YOU. 

Show your support by posting online with pictures of food and forks, using #CdnAgDay + #MigrantsFeedUs + #StatusforAll. Let’s reveal the truth about who feeds us and join in migrant farm workers’ fight for equal rights and justice. Follow all day on February 23 at @MWACCanada and @MigrantWorkersAlliance.

You can also use these images to post on February 23rd.