Do you get paid minimum wage? Check to see if your wage goes up today

Minimum wages increased in Ontario on January 1st. You should see $15/hour in your first two weeks of pay. See the wages in other provinces below. 

Check your pay stub to make sure you are getting paid the right amount for all the hours you work. If not, call us!

Migrant Care Workers:  647-782-6633
Migrant Student Workers:  647-858-2854
Migrant Farm Workers (ENG):  905-324-2840
Trabajador@s Agrícolas (ESP):  647-807-4722

In 2019, Ontario Premier Ford cancelled a $15 minimum wage. The minimum wage only went up because workers like you demanded it!  

But minimum wage is not enough to live on. Some workers aren’t even allowed to get the minimum wage. You and your co-workers deserve more! Call us to join with others to improve wages for yourself and others.

Updated since Jan 13, 2021

ProvinceMinimum Hourly WageSince
Alberta$15.00October 1, 2018
British Columbia$15.20June 1, 2021
Manitoba$11.95October 1, 2021
New Brunswick$11.75April 1, 2021
Newfoundland & Labrador$12.75October 1, 2021
Northwest Territories$15.20September 1, 2021
Nova Scotia$12.95April 1, 2021
Nunavut$16.00April 1, 2020
Ontario$15.00January 1, 2022
Prince Edward Island$13.00April 1, 2021
Quebec$13.50May 1, 2021
Saskatchewan$11.81October 1, 2021
Yukon$15.20April 1, 2021

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