3 Changes Every Farmworker Should Know in 2022

Are you ready for another season? Last year was hard, but together we raised our voices and pushed back against unfair rules in this country! Click here to learn more about all we accomplished together in 2021.

In 2022, we continue to unite with migrant workers like you across the country and fight for equal rights, justice, fairness, and family unity – but we can’t win without you! To find out how you can join in, send us a message on WhatsApp today: 905-324-2840.

Here are 3 important updates you need to know:

  1. After our response to the migrant farmworker entry ban in the Windsor-Essex region of Ontario, the ban has been lifted! If you were affected by the temporary ban or other COVID restrictions, you are not alone! Send us a message on WhatsApp now.

  2. There are changes to this year’s arrival and quarantine procedures; click here to learn more. You do not need to be vaccinated to enter Canada, if you work on a farm, greenhouse, or food processing plant. If your boss did not hire you back this year because of your vaccination status, contact us at 905-324-2840.

  3. If you work in Ontario for minimum wage, your pay went up to $15/hour on January 1, 2022. This raise only happened because workers like you demanded it and won! You and your coworkers deserve more; we continue to fight for better wages and safer working conditions. Click this link for more information about wages.

To stay informed about upcoming changes, events, and actions this season, send us a WhatsApp message now to join our updates list and save this number in your phone contacts: 905-324-2840. This is a private and confidential list, and will not risk your job or status in any way.

United we are stronger!