How many hours can I work on my study permit?

Not all international students are allowed to work, and we face restrictions on where we can work and how many hours. Check the conditions of your study permit.

If your permit says you’re allowed to work during your studies, you can work full time on campus and a maximum of 20 hours per week off campus. Even if you worked less than 20 hours one week, you cannot add these hours to the next week.

When your program or school has a “regularly scheduled break,” you can work full time off campus. These breaks can include the summer or winter holidays. Check your program or school’s academic schedule.

Many of us work more than 20 hours off campus because we need to. Some of us work 20 hours on SIN and the rest on cash. We should be able to choose where and how much we work. But as migrant student workers we don’t have equal rights.  That’s not fair, so together we are speaking up to win change. Join us!