What is my minimum wage?

The wage for farm workers depends on the province or territory where you are employed. You may be paid the minimum wage of your province, or the rate set by the Federal government every year for workers like you. 

If you are required to move from one work site to another during work hours you should be paid for travel time.

For all provinces/territories except British Columbia, when you are paid by piecework, the rate must be enough that you are able to earn at least the minimum wage  for every hour that you worked.

In British Columbia, when you are paid by piecework, the employer should pay you the rate approved in the “Minimum Piece Rates – Hand harvested crops“. You must be paid at least the minimum wage as set out in the regulations. If you are not employed on a piece work basis, you are entitled to the hourly minimum wage as set by the province.

We deserve decent wages and working conditions, and the same rights as other workers. That is why we are coming together to demand better for migrant farm workers and permanent resident status for all. Join us!