Can the boss take deductions from my wages?

If you are in the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program (SAWP), your contract allows the boss to take these deductions: 

  • $2.36/working day for utility costs (water, electricity, etc.)
  • Up to $5.45/working day to your home country’s government. This does not apply to workers from Mexico.
  • 10% of your gross pay each pay period to pay for up to 50% of air travel cost.
  • $10/day if your boss provides you with reasonable and proper meals.

These deductions are money that should be going to support your families back home – paying for school fees, medical bills, and putting food on your family’s table. It’s not fair that Canadians who do the same work as you are able to bring home a full paycheque while you are stuck paying additional deductions. You and your coworkers deserve to be paid equally for the work you do, and this is only possible with full & permanent status for all. Are you ready to fight for it?