Farmworkers: Check your wages for updates!

Did you know that wages for migrant farmworkers were updated recently? Keep reading to make sure you’re being paid correctly!

How to find your rights on wages

As a migrant farmworker, you have certain rights according to your contract – including wages. Do you know where to look in your contract for information about your wages?

If you’re a seasonal farmworker (8 months contract or less), look at page 4 of your contract under “PAYMENT OF WAGES“. What does it say?

[If you don’t have a copy of your contract with you, tap this link for an online version.]

It says that your boss must pay you weekly wages at a rate that is equal to or above the following rates, whichever rate is highest:

  • The provincial wage for farmworkers according to where you work;
  • The prevailing (or median) wage rate for the type of work you do in the area where you’re employed, as decided by Employment and Social Development Canada (the government department that administers the seasonal farmwork program); OR
  • The wages that your boss is paying other seasonal workers who are doing the same type of work you do.

Often the second option (prevailing or median wage) is the highest, and this rate is updated every year so be sure to check back each season. The most recent update was November 29, 2023. Are you being paid properly? Keep reading to find out!

How to find your wage rate

First, look at your work permit under “ADDITIONAL INFORMATION” and find where it says “OCCUPATION/PROFESSION“. What does it say?

Next, tap this link:

You should see this:

In the white box, type the occupation that’s listed on your work permit. Press the blue “Search” button.

Then, scroll down to where it says “Hourly wages by community/area“. You will see 3 columns: Low ($/hour), Median ($/hour), and High ($/hour).

Finally, find the region where you’re employed and look under the Median ($/hour) column in the middle. Whatever rate is stated there is your rate of pay according to your contract.

How to report contract violations

Is your boss not paying you correctly? Not sure if your wages are right?

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