Fund Migrant Worker Wage Theft Fightback

Every year, migrant farm and fishery workers face a grave injustice – tens of thousands of dollars in wages stolen by bad bosses. Trapped in a system of indentureship where speaking up means risking homelessness, poverty, deportation, and a ban from returning, workers rarely fight back. When they do – they are often denied their rights because they don’t have “evidence”.

Our Solution: Worker Rights Hand Book

We’re launching a Worker Rights Handbook and Video Series for migrants to know their rights, and gather evidence of exploitation.

Where your contribution will go

  • Legal Consultation: Ensuring workers have the best legal support when they speak up.
  • Video Development: Creating informative and empowering content,
  • Handbook Design: A comprehensive way to learn rights and track hours and wages.
  • Translation: Making our handbook available in many languages.
  • Distribution: Directly to migrants workers in farms and fish plants in rural communities across Canada.

Every dollar matters

  • $20,000: We will create and distribute the handbook with videos in English and Spanish to over 4,000 workers.
  • $40,000: We will add Thai, Vietnamese, Tagalog and Indigenous languages, and create additional videos.
  • $60,000: We will turn the handbook into an app that workers can use to gather evidence, learn their rights and connect with others.

To contribute

  • Via credit card: On this page
  • Interac:
  • Cheque: Migrant Workers Alliance for Change, 720 Spadina Avenue, Suite 223, Toronto, ON M5S 2T9