Justice For Jess Fundraiser

1.7 million people in Canada are denied equal rights because they are shut out from permanent resident status. An estimated 500,000 neighbours, coworkers, classmates, and friends do not have any immigration status at all and can’t access essential services like healthcare.

Migrant Workers Alliance for Change member Jess is one of them. She is asking for your support to help with expensive medical bills while she continues the fight to win permanent resident status for all. Will you stand with her and thousands of other migrants and refugees?

TAKE ACTION: Donate above, then join the cross-Canada day of action to win regularization for all undocumented migrants: migrantrights.ca/march18-19

My name is Jess and I’m a member of Migrant Workers Alliance for Change from a rural agricultural area in Jamaica. I grew up in a big family where I learned how to farm and feed my loved ones. I love to cook and have seen how food can bring people together.

But life is rough in Jamaica with very few opportunities to get ahead and provide for your family. I have two sons – 15 and 6 years old – and I want to give them a better life. So in 2021 I came to Canada on the seasonal farm work program. I was told it was the best chance to have a decent life and to support my family. But for me the opportunity to work in Canada quickly turned into a nightmare and that’s why I’m asking for your help now.

After I escaped an abusive employer in 2021, Canada denied my open work permit for vulnerable workers application and caused me to lose status. I was recently diagnosed with painful cysts that make life unbearable. I need surgery to have them removed, but Canada denies me health care because I don’t have status. The surgery will cost at least $7,000 without insurance. My post-surgery prescriptions will cost between $300-$500.

On top of that, I currently don’t have anywhere to live and that makes it difficult to take care of my health and find a job. I’m asking for $3000 so that I can cover first and last month’s rent and have a secure place to continue building my dream and fighting for equal rights for all migrants.

My dream is to have a stable place to live so that I can start a cleaning service business and continue supporting my family, while also working toward culinary school and re-uniting with my two sons.

I can’t do this without you, please contribute what you can, share the fundraiser with your friends, and sign the petition at statusforall.ca. United we are stronger!